2020 Spring Season Conferences & Awards!

Congratulations to all teams and individuals on their 2020 Spring League accomplishments!

Awards will be mailed. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

Thank you coaches, schools, parents and gun clubs for helping introduce more students to shootings sports!

Trap Conference Awards:

Download the Special Trap Conference Week 5 Results and Overall Standings Here

For the 2020 Spring Trap League, a National Conference has been created for states that had only a single team competing. 6 high school teams are assigned to 1 conference

(#) = Number of athlete’s scores used for each team to determine True Team™ scoring points earned.

Aylett Country Day School-Christchurch (VA)
Exeter High School (MO)
Greenwood High School (AR)
James Madison Preparatory High School (FL)
Sequim High School (WA)
St. John’s College High School (MD)