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Learn the 5 Easy Steps to Start a Team!

Learn the 5 Easy Steps to Start a Team!

It’s fun for everyone…

The purpose of the Washington State High School Clay Target League is to attract students  to participate in shooting sports while creating a friendly competition among high schools throughout Washington. With the assistance of hundreds of volunteer coaches and parents, student athletes in grades 6 through twelve represent their high school and compete in weekly trap shooting at their local shooting range. Scores are submitted online and compared against other high school trap teams within their conference. This is accomplished by providing a safe, comfortable, positive team environment that enhances a student athlete’s character and personal growth through safe, educational and socially acceptable involvement in shooting sports.

Join the League in 2016!

Start preparing now to have your high school team join the Spring League for 2016. Contact us and let us know how the League can help you get your high school trap team started next year!

Any high school can join!

School Eligibility
Any public, private or parochial high school in Washington are invited to participate. Teams require:

  • Approval from the school (School Board, Principal, and/or Activities/Athletic Director)
  • Use of the school name
  • A head coach
  • Access to a local shooting range
  • A minimum of 5 student athletes (no maximum)

Schools are strongly encouraged to provide a lettering program and photo in the yearbook.

Team Eligibility
In the spirit with which the League was formed, we encourage all athletes who possess a valid hunter education course certificate to be included on a team based on submission of registration (first come, first serve) and not by tryouts.

  • A minimum of 5 student athletes are required to form a team.
  • Different schools may combine student athletes from different school districts to form a team.
  • A minimum of 1 coach for every 10 team members is required.
  • An unlimited number of members may be on a team as long as the athlete-to-coach ratio is in compliance.
  • The number of members on a team will also be determined by gun club capacity.

It is important that the head coach and the gun club work together to determine the number of students the coaching staff and facility can safely and efficiently accommodate.

What student athletes can join a team?

Any Washington student is eligible to participate if he/she:

  • Is in grades 6 through 12, AND
  • Possesses a State Hunter Education Certificate, AND
  • Meets all school curricular activity eligibility requirements, AND
  • If the team has room to accommodate the student athlete.

Learn about obtaining your Hunter Education Certificate!

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